Sunday, 03:20 pm, 31 July 2005

I don't remember a lot of my childhood.

I was reflecting today on the books available in my childhood and learning to program. Books for developing simple games to tinker with example source code. I couldn't remember any of the classic titles. I went back through recursive google searches until I found my favourite text.

I don't know if I still have a copy of it in Australia. It appears to be extremely rare. These books don't exist anymore.

Good afternoon.

Sunday, 11:20 am, 31 July 2005

Now the mailout has been released, I'm left with the empty end of the month feeling.

I've been working through old email that are still requiring a response. I used to be really good with email and concerned when I didn't hear from folks in response to chains of emails. But now, I seem to be the exact opposite. I now discount email quickly and forget about responding on occasion.

Whilst going through email, I had WeFunk Show 250 playing in the background - enter Pesci. I googled my man, Loes, and found he had a new page up with a weblog and tracks. Props to Mr Pesci.

Good morning.

Friday, 10:40 pm, 29 July 2005

Draperisms and Energy (Transfer) Drinks

I spent an afternoon with the legendary (and perhaps infamous) hacker, John Draper aka the Crunchman, Crunch, Capt Crunch. I have known John for a decade. He's one of the few people who saw me both in Australia and in the US - Canberra and the Bay Area. A number of my close friends I know through an introduction from Draper. People like Brian C. Wiles for example, who insisted I (we)blogged the story below.

Crunch is quite a character and never free from some drama or another. He refers to his continuous problems with basic tasks as Draperisms. Observing him occasionally, it appears that some of his experiences are strangely self inflicted.

Point of fact, he likes to hack driving. How would one hack driving? By constantly exploiting traffic conditions - using your limbs to turn - but one of the most interesting moves is turning in on red lights, cutting through the oncoming traffic and turning back onto the road to avoid the stop light. Doing the basic statistics on this method it seems to actually work only about one in five times. Most times it involves near collisions and the passenger is typically jarred by this move.

He drives the same Corolla he was driving in 1999. In fact, the back window that was removed in 2000, remained removed. The doors didn't open from the inside and the window had to be wound down in order to open the door from the outside. Crunch's car serves as a metaphor for the rest of his life.

We went out for a meal at Denny's with Crunch's new friend, Trevor. A really nice fellow at 22 already an Iraq vet. When Crunch went to the restroom, Trevor noted Crunch had done one of his back stretches within about five minutes of meeting him. Ah deja vu. I have injured my back, so when Crunch requested a back stretch, I wasn't able to accommodate.

We went out to pick up some medicine for Crunch's back. The first of John's hacked turns through the red light. There was a substantial explosion in the car. One of the 20 oz sports energy drinks on the floor of the passenger side didn't like the Las Vegas heat or the sharp turn. It exploded like a grenade covering the entire front of the car with sticky, warm caffeinated fluid. John and I were covered and the windscreen was covered with solid spray.

After the initial shock, I burst out laughing. John continued driving looking over briefly. He wasn't phased.

'This is normal.' John muttered under his breath.

We pulled into the nearest gas station and squeegeed the inside of the car. The can of energy drink was completely empty. 20 oz of HFCS evenly spread.

This is just but one episode of the afternoon with the Crunchman.

Trevor took this snap as they were leaving. John and I had developed the same hairstyle thanks to the energy drink and about a hundred minutes of driving in the Las Vegas heat without air conditioning. All in all, it was good to see John again. Good to be reminded of a figure from when I was 18 and 22 respectively.

Malek Qtaish

For about two weeks, I have received long emails from Malek Qtaish, a Jordanian farmer who was captivated by the Noble Ape Simulation. His emails are great philosophical works. Here's an example in the public domain of the Noble Ape Developer Mailing List;

Hello There its me Crazy malek yapi ya I kinda thought to write some randomless Idears May be they can help if not HOPE u smile , when I was 16 my father bought me an handy Im 23 now those days i started ticking on my handy and was very happy my nick name on handy chat was MAZE now its Atlon the nick name in it self hasnt Lots of meaning but it does has An effeckt and naturally every thing has an reacktion So were lies the point of what im saying if two objeckts set in diffarent places are lile lets say X and Y they share in properties but X here is Y and and why is X so u get XY and YX now between them thers an certain maze I think , now here i cant say more I feal tired ill tell u how I do my Opreantation in life I kinda have on my handy an set clock grenitch TIMING and an other hand clock that works on HART BEATS now some TIMES I put or were always the clock when I finish work in the farm and when i finish work in the farm I do take an shower eat were my clock go to cafeteria and smoke water pipe play bit backamon GAME , so any way the Diffarance between the clock that runs on my hart beat and the clock set on grenitch timing I do Minus it Like today there was 45 in diffarance and Then I use an compass to oreanmt my self But TherS an better way I just close my eyes and all the process at one time so i keap ONE in my hand And 10 in 3 raws and Life is beautyfull . So I guess thaT has pretty much not much with what u saying but I hope U do at least Smile see the funnY thing is that were mooving the whole univers is mooving and It kinda is like having an SUN Clock and its shadow mooves in Round the clock it self stays foir all the days but the clock shadow mooves this means that the univers recreat it self thrue infimity and THE 0 is the link point but thers an sign 0 with line like Q but this is like 1 infinte and 0 in one but infinte and one I dont understand now like between 0 and ome thers an whole rtation but eatch littel piece of the circle is connected to an center and forr this center all happens same t his mean that if center is Q then Q is eaqualls Y or Q eaquallx X or Q eaquall XY or Q eaqualls YX and so on now Im very sorry if I couldnt write the Idear in good way wish u the best greatings crazy malek :) . dimensions are oretty much like sun light braking in water , about my phone lines I kinda will try to put the MAZE in my name and MAZE as Atlon will be one lol and Finito to the story ha ha , but always inshala or in gods willing :) . Any one here likes to smoke water pipe :) ?

Users like Malek are the reason I develop the Noble Ape Simulation. It is something that gets people from all over the world thinking. Malek sent me a photograph of himself today with the Jordanian landscape as the backdrop.

Just listening to a mind blowing solo WeFunk Show from DJ Static - Show 385 - the one to watch.

Good night.

Wednesday, 09:50 am, 27 July 2005

Latent Potter

My wife has been leaving Harry Potter spoken word CDs in the CDROM drive. This morning I booted up the computer to check email and a small voice came from the computer reciting the introduction to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I have, to this day, prided myself in not having any contact with Mr. Potter's written incarnations. Bar falling asleep through the first one and being force to the cinema for the second two films. The third film I thought, in all fairness, showed some good elements of European mythology.

Anything that puts European mythology into popular culture can't be too bad. However, I'm pretty firmly against aggressive intellectual property grabs of European mythology by large corporations. This narrative may go against my interest in Games Workshop aesthetics although GW has only trademarked their own creations and left the remainder of the mythology for broad public consumption and adaption. The other element of GW is, by its very nature, it allows plurality and user development (to a certain extent).

So it struck me that this audio was the first exposure I had with the primary text.

Speaking of GW...

My UK White Dwarf alter ego Mr Tom Barab(a/e)let has struck again. I wrote an email today in response about how to find and collect old miniatures. With the current time frame, I'm expecting publication in WD 311 or 312. The three month delta delay is quaint.

Apple CHUD et al

I have exchanged some emails with Sanjay Patel at Apple Computer and it looks like the CHUD change that has the current Noble Ape source will be a small delta change in August/September. Sanjay and Nathan are currently working flat out on the latest update to the CHUD toolkit which will include an MacOS on INTEL version of the Simulation from the last CHUD implementation (0.662? from memory).

Good morning.

Friday, 09:30 pm, 22 July 2005

Las Vegas has changed from hot and dry to hot and humid. The past couple of days have provided loud but brief thunderstorms. Charlie isn't too impressed.

He found the darkest place he could, and attempted to dig his way out.

With the forced pause in using electrical products, I returned to smelting and pulled out the Kirill *forms* I hadn't yet cast. Very nice results. Gotta love some latent lead.

Other than that, my week has been filled getting the Apple released version of the Noble Ape Simulation up-to-date. I also finally put a bio online.

Good night.

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