Thursday, 10:50 pm, 30 June 2005

A Year and a Bit, then a Day

In reflection, doing a software release on-the-fly seems rather strange. But that is exactly what I did today. I downloaded the 0.667b0 version of the Simulation, and found that the Noble Apes didn't move. 1,500 downloads in the past two days and no-one reported that bug!

So I found the problem, put in the fix, and updated the software to version 0.668, like nothing had transpired. I should do more releases like that. The irony was the initial download was to think about features for the next version. I'll get onto that t'row.

Who Are You Again?

Writing the Log, I am sometimes struck by the image from 2001 I use as the side image. I took four snaps yesterday and decided I would use the best one for an updated image with a similar number of artistic manipulations. It's not easy being green. My wife likes the shirt. It will work with a few filters applied... and the image actually centred.

Good night!
Wednesday, 01:30 pm, 29 June 2005

Rocky Road? Capt Crunch?

Just over ten years ago, I met a childhood hero. A fellow by the name of John Draper, but more commonly known as Capt Crunch. Draper was the first convicted phone hacker and an alternative computing hero prior to the internet. His legend echoed over BBS systems and every kid who ever tinkered with a machine knew about him.

I was lucky to get the first internet-age interview of the man and included a series of photos which were progressively taken and used by other sites. It is hard to believe it was more than ten years ago. That seems a phenomenal length of time...

In any case, I am re-releasing the 1995 interview with the original images and the original format on Barbalet's Log;

I still have the tape of the interview somewhere and I should MP3 it, just to show how much editing went from Draper's words to the text of the interview. Although the themes remain coherent.

A couple of days ago I got an email from Draper.

He had heard I was in Vegas. We've exchanged a couple of emails. The complete deflation in the US tech market has effected us both through the past ten years although Draper surfed some bigger waves with his internet security firm that was sold. He's now working on the Mac port of;

Old Views of the Island

I've been going through old CDROMs. So many old CDROMs. My back up process for a number of years was to create full disk images of my harddrives and keep them on CDROM. About eight years of this logic came to a crashing halt a couple of years ago when I realised the insanity of it all and started using *is it important?* to be my backup filter.

I found an old rendered image of the Noble Ape island enviornment circa 1997.

I wasn't response for the colouring. I am reminded it looked okay on a Mac, but as I see now, looks rubbish on Windows. The addition of trees and apes to the Simulation fits in very well with this month's Mailout.

Good afternoon.

Thursday, 10:50 am, 23 June 2005

Resin Dogs

Folks who have been reading the Log for a while will remember my musing on figure production. Moving to Las Vegas, I decided that rather than being a GW miniature collecting wallflower, I would introduce myself to the locals through the LVGamers. Impressive response including Nick Tompkins of Epicast. I chatted with Nick on the phone last night for more than an hour about old GW figures. A meeting of minds.

Effects of Film

I was talking with Brian C. Wiles a couple of nights ago about the films that effected the Noble Ape development. In the early manuals I discussed the films that effected the development but this list needed a little updating. I've also included my top five personal favourites.

Top Five Movies

1. Crumb

2. 8mm

3. Goodfellas

4. Dogtown and Z-Boys

5. Saving Private Ryan

Top Five Movies that Effected the Development of Noble Ape

1. Predator

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

3. AI: Artifical Intelligence

4. Terminator

5. Shine

Good morning.

Tuesday, 03:00 pm, 21 June 2005

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